Directory - Kloe Jonhson


Watching Caroline this movie get worst every time!


Fin to do a penguin, sea bear, parrot, rabbit, and a dinosaur wish me good luck


I miss that show the troop


Yay I made a ring from origami


O my gosh I'm so chezed off right now


I'm dieing


I'm dieting eating this nasty cabbage that taste lik meat what the what cabbage pos to taste lik cabbage and meat stay lik meat


OMG the best thing just happened to me


I'm stayin too my self I'm deleting Facebook good bye ppls


I don't even feel lik getting on Facebook ever again


Just saw Nicki Minaj commercial she is so awesome OMG


LIKE if u ready 4 Skool cuz I sure ain't


Gon to play Michael Jackson on wii today


So bored


I really need to txt somebody


I failed I can not do it it's too nasty


Wish me luck


Fin to do a challenge


Omg I'm gon b smiling all night I just saw Cody now hes so cute wit he's long hair.


Lms if u kno wat BET stands for.


Lms for a GoodNight post on your wall


Yay I'm stayin at Bethune


I'm bored at home need some one to talk too


U no Wat I luv Nicki Minaj I'm her biggest fan now I kno all of her songs every single one NICKI MINAJ ROCKS


Still bored at library


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