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Zindagi JUAA hai, Mann laga ki KHELO :P


Don't live in the past, thinking about mistakes or changes you made. Think of your life as a book, move forward, close one chapter and open another. Learn from your mistakes, but focus on your future, not on your past.


Residents of North Eastern State in Blore-No Incidents of any attack reported,dont panic or heed to rumour.For help call Control room. From:Comm. of Police,Blr


One of the many reasons why GOD is great, is that He didn't create people with Price Tags. Otherwise I would never have been able to afford a friend like you. :)



Never Force URSELF To Have Space In Anyone`s Life. Bcoz If dey Really Know UR Worth, dey`ll Surely Create A Place For U.


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Take Risks in Your Life" If u Win, U Can Lead! If u Loose, U Can Guide! Gud Morng :-) -Sahni


Success never depend on the size of our BRAIN... It always depends on the size of our THOUGHTS' Gud Morng :-)


Vry beautiful sentnce of lyf:"Evrybody seems 2b special at first sight.but only very few will remain special 2 us till our last sight."Good Morng :-)


The single finger that wipes ur tear during ur bad time is much better than the 10 fingers that come 2Gethr to clap on ur Success...Gud Morng :-)


Apply for MBA


Achivement always comes to the person who is looking for it but not to the person who is just waiting for it.. .Gud Morng


Insaan ko uss waqt tak koi nahi haara sakta... jab tak wo apne aap se na haar jaye.


Enjoying my tour in Thailand, it's very nice place... :-)


Please be careful while using ATM/credit card to avoid misappropriation of your money -Issued by Cyber Crime Police, Bangalore


Empty pockets teaches you a million things in life. But, Full pokets spoils you in a million ways.Gud Evng :-)


Valentine week 2012 Days: Tuesday, Feb 7: Rose Day Wed, Feb 8: Propose Day Thurs, Feb 9: Chocolate Day Fri, Feb 10: Teddy Day Sat, Feb 11: Promise Day Sun, Feb 12: Kiss Day Mon, Feb 13: Hug Day Tues, Feb 14: Valentine Day


Drop of water in lake has no identity, but it is falls on lotus, it shines like pearl. Choose best place where you can shine. Be a Pearl Gud Morng :-)


Dont Fear For Facing Failure In The First Attempt Bcoz Even Successful Maths Also Starts With Zero Only. Good Evng :-)


Don't Blame People For Disappointing You Blame Yourself For Expecting Too Much From Them..!! Good Evening :-)


TRUST Trust should be like the feeling of a one year old baby when you throw him in the air,he laughs because he knows you will catch him. Good Evng :-)


Ful stop is nt end, b'coz we can write a new sentence after it, same in life failure s nt d real end, bt it can b a real begining f sucess. Good Morng :-)


Don't guess a person's character on his present situation. Bcoz, Time has the power to change an ordinary coal into a precious diamond... Gud Evng. . .:-)


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