Using the system is in compliance with the law and the terms of use as determined from time to time - Administrators. Use of the system constitutes acceptance of all conditions listed below.

Responsibility for the content
The site owner is solely responsible for the content, operators are not taking responsibility for the content of the sites. Prohibited content to the system either links that point to files that include contents that violate copyright and / or likely to damage a particular site or the public, unless, the copyright belongs to the user, or that the copyright owner's consent a free distribution of content. Site operators will do all they can monitor the content and information uploaded to the system by users - but do not undertake it, and are not responsible in any way such content. All the responsibilities of raising the data into the system rests with the user raised them. System services and tools that can be used as they are. Shall have no claim or demand against system operators in respect of the nature of the services offered by the site, whether they are disabled, user customized, use of the site will do the full and exclusive responsibility of the user. System operators reserve the right to delete any judgment based on a site containing advertising material on any part of either system published information and is contrary to the terms of use, and for any reason or another. Of the above does not require site managers to monitor the content on their own initiative and does not constitute undertaking in favor of a third party. The site operators reserve the right to automatically delete that site and its contents will be used for 2 months, or any site violates the rules regulations, or any logical reason or another, and without giving such opinion.
System operators shall not be liable for any damage, direct or indirect, caused as a result of messages, images links or other information that the user publish, without exception. Use a clear agreement that the user is only responsible for direct and database actions. Use of this website constitutes acceptance also clear that the user has dismissed the site staff of any responsibility whatsoever on either user actions using information on the site.
Backup Content
Site system periodically backs up the sites and content but does not take responsibility or guarantee the completion of the initiative deleted content publisher or party or other mishap. Website content backup sole responsibility of the publisher. The site also has not come any claim against Owen system loss material, information or any other content in situ. These terms and conditions agreement removes a site the site operator, any kind of obligation and responsibility for the content solely responsible for them.
Protection of Privacy
System operator is permitted to monitor and document how your use of services. The system operator may make any use he sees fit the information collected about you and how you and through your use of services and who does not identify you personally ("non-ID information"). Among other things, the system operator may transfer such information to third parties. Use information about you and / or about how your use of services, which personally identifies you (hereinafter "Personal Information"), limited commercial uses and / or marketing of the system operator itself and / or the proxy and / or improvement of service provided to you and / or for suggestions and / or benefits to which the supplier and / or third parties will give you as a user in the advanced services offered by the system operator. You acknowledge that that would be useful and / or services which the end device information which you use will be moved, whether as part of the service operation or otherwise, to the attention of recipients even if you had a few other cases, your end will not be identifiable. You hereby give your consent, that the system operator or its representative to be contacted periodically to update you about the advanced services offers commercial, advertising and marketing of the system operator and / or the system operator in conjunction with third parties and / or third parties only by phone, fax, sms, mail and / or e-mail. Some services, allow you to interact directly with third parties not controlled by the system operator. In this connection, may be required and / or choose to, give any information and / or information about you is collected without your consent and / or knowledge by those third parties. System operator is not responsible for the operation of those third parties and therefore will not take any damage, including damage to your privacy, by those third parties.
System operator shall take all reasonable measures to protect information provided by you, however the system operator is not able to secure the information and communication systems perfect security against unauthorized infiltration and illegal use by third parties. Therefore, the system operator will bear no liability, directly or indirectly, in cases of disclosure and use of information provided by you arising directly or indirectly, from unauthorized hacking or as the result of errors and / or omissions that are beyond their control.
Governing Law and Venue
The validity, interpretation and / or violation of this agreement shall apply the laws of the State of Israel. Exclusive jurisdiction with regard to validity, interpretation and / or violation of this agreement shall be the competent courts in the city of Rishon Lezion.
Any delay of the system operator having the right deserves as specified above, or failure of the company such assertion will not be considered a waiver of its rights. The system operator may assign its rights under service conditions to any third party as it sees fit without any obligation to publicize such assignment. The service is personal service and is not transferable to any third party. If a court determines by a certified that the above provisions are revoked or canceled for any reason, continue to the other provisions remain in force.